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Adventures By Mooskie

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Follow Mooskie (P&H Travel's very own Mascot) as he travels the globe, explores each destination, and finds the hidden treasures of many famous locations... stay tuned for his next great adventure!

Mooskie's Travels Mooskie P&H Travel

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Vivre La France!
One of Mooskie's favorite places to travel is France!  The villages are picture perfect, the cities are historic and enchanting!
The French people are lovely.  Be polite, learn a few phrases and you will be well treated.
There are so many ways to visit France.
You could try a river cruise.  River cruises are a fun and leisurely way to slow down and experience Petite Villages and beautiful vistas
River cruises are structured enough to guide you along, but not too structured.  You always have plenty of time to do what YOU want to do.
River cruises in France sail along the Seine from Paris to Normandy, as well as from Arles to Beaune through the incredible Burgundy countryside and around Bordeaux.
You can also choose to have P&H travel plan every element for you..Air/transfers/hotels/tours..we can do it all for you and make the perfect itinerary for YOU.  Try a chocolate walking tour in  Paris, visit Versaille or have dinner in a Chateaux complete with fireworks! 
You may prefer an escorted tour, where you are with a fun group of 25-35 people traveling together day to day with experienced tour conductors.
There is no "right" or "wrong".   Just get out there!   taste fresh Cheese, wine and of course Croissants!!





P&H Travel - Mooskie and Buddy's Travels

Mooskie & Buddy are ready for their next travel Adventure. Buddy is the "friend" of our dear client Deb!

Mooskie hales from a small village in Finland! While cruising the Baltics (in 2010), Jim, Phil & Patrice saw Mooskie and immediately bonded! He is educated, kind and dedictated to sharing his love of travel!

He is the official mascot of P&H Travel!  It is always nice to have a great traveling companion!  He is dedicated  to sharing his adventures and passion for travel. Mooskie feels travel is a great way to learn more about the world and appreciate everything around you. His Joie de Vivre is intoxicating! His friend Buddy the bear has recently been adopted by P&H Travel client Deb and will soon be off on his own travels!

So far, Mooskie has visited:

Finland, Norway, Great Britain (he loves the Pageantry of the Royals!), Mexico, France (Normandy, Loire valley, Bordeaux and bien sur--Paris!) St Martin, St Thomas, The Panama Canal, Aruba, Cartegenia, Costa Rica, Spain, Italy, St Barts, Nevis, Antigua (great photo with Bougainvillea), Tortola...

He has cruised on:

Star Princess, Norwegian Epic, Celebrity Silhouette, Azamara Journey, Cunard's Queen Elizabeth, Windstar, Norwegain Escape, Royal Caribbean's Anthem & Quantum.

He recently returned from his second trip to France (he's learning French) and his forthcoming trips arranged of course by P&H Travel) will be a twelve day journey through Ireland followed by a seven night visit to Punta Cana.

Punta Cana will be more work than fun as he will be inspecting hotels for P&H Travel clients. As far as Mooskie is concerned, work IS fun as work means TRAVEL.

He will strive to share his passion for travel, through  exciting photos and  sound advice.  Please enjoy P&H Travels "Adventures by Mooskie"!



Here it is ladies and gentlemen... Day TWO of Mini Mooskie, Elise & Mike's Avalon River Cruise adventure! Sailing from Paris to the Beaches of Normandy!

Vernon & Les Andelys - May 29, 2016

Avalon Quote of the day - “Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love” - Claude Monet

Our first stop on the Seine River was in Vernon, we were docked close to the center of Vernon where we could cross the busy street and walk in the direction towards the main church to find the old town, however we opted for the Included Visit to GIVERNY AND MONET GARDENS that departed at 8:30 AM. When leaving the ship, we picked up our “Shore Passes” from reception (which you do any time you get off the ship and them return them upon our return) as well as our headsets for the guided tour. After a short coach ride we arrived to Giverny and got to visit the former home and gardens of the Impressionist painter Claude Monet. YAY!!!! This was my personal favorite tour.


Here are just a few fun facts about Claude Monet:

  • Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840

  • Monet was baptized as Oscar-Claude, but his parents called him simply Oscar.

  • Monet painted Impression, Sunrise (Impression, soleil levant) in 1872. It depicted a Le Havre port landscape. In 1874 it hung in the first Impressionist exhibition. When art critic Louis Leroy read the painting’s titled, he coined the term “Impressionism”. Leroy meant his assessment to be negative, but the Impressionists at the time approved of description and it stuck.

  • Monet’s wife Camille died of tuberculosis and as the story goes he closed and locked the door and painted a picture of her on her deathbed.

  • In May 1883, Monet rented a farmhouse located between Vernon and Gasny at Giverny. He used the barn as a painting studio. The property also had orchards and a small gardens.

  • In 1890, Monet purchased the house and land outright. After becoming the owner, he created the gardens which he would spend the rest of his life painting.

  • The famous water lily paintings were painted in Monet’s own gardens which he created surrounding the home.

  • Monet also created several series of paintings which included: Rouen Cathedral, Poplars, the Parliament, Mornings on the Seine, and the Water Lilies.

  • He developed a severe cataract that limited his vision in his last years, but this never limited him. His last 250 paintings have extremely accurate details.

  • He died on December 5, 1926 at the age of 86 and was buried in Giverny Church cemetery.



- Mini Mooskie, Elise & Mike - June 30, 2016



Here it is ladies and gentlemen... Day one of Mini Mooskie, Elise & Mikes Avalon River Cruise adventure! Sailing from Paris to the Beaches of Normandy!

Paris – May 28th, 2016

We arrived in Paris today at about 9:35 AM, our nonstop flight was fantastic, minus a small television malfunction, but that’s what books and cards are forJ. Once we got our bags we were greeted by an Avalon representative who took us to the meeting point for our transfer to the hotel in Paris where we would wait until the ship was ready for us. The representative joked with us about having our very own bus transfer to ourselves, we laughed along until our transfer arrived and sure enough we were greeted by an Avalon Bus driver who was there to just pick us up. The bus was extremely comfortable and the driver was as friendly as can be. (Transfer from the airport to the hotel took about 45 min with traffic)

(An entire bus just for us lol)

We were taken to the PULLMAN HOTEL in Paris; once we checked in we decided to explore the local neighborhood since we didn’t need to be back until 3:45 PM. **Avalon did offer an optional excursion to the Eiffel Tower for 39 Euros per person, however we choice to venture out on our one**

There was plenty to do in the area, so after walking around for a bit we had lunch at a delicious pizza place (which seemed to be a hot spot for localsJ). After filling up our stomachs we decided to walk toward the Eiffel Tower. We walked for about an hour then realized that even though it looked so close it was still far enough away that we would not be able to make it back in time for our transfer to the ship if we kept going. So we turned around and started to head back to the hotel. To our surprise it started to downpour, we knew we had to get back to the hotel so we started to run through the rain down the streets of Paris. Luckily after a wrong turn we were helped by a store owner and made our way back to the hotel with five minutes to spare.  Cold and wet we got onto the bus transfer to the ship with all of the other Avalon guests. It may not sound like fun but I have never laughed as hard as I did while running through Paris in the rain!

We were welcomed onboard by CAPTAIN RUDY VIELLARD, Hotel Manager DIETMAR POTSCHER, the entire crew of the AVALON TAPESTRY II and of course our AMAZING Cruise Director SYLVIA KOK! They had us sit in the main lounge for a quick hello and then had each table go to the front desk and check-in. Once we were checked-in (which took all of 2 minutes lol) another Avalon Crew Member assorted us to our cabin. Our cabin#326 was a CAT. P stateroom and it was perfection! It was spacious, great closet space, bathroom was huge lol & the view was wonderful. Whether we were getting ready for dinner, just relaxing on the couch or bed we had the perfect view of the towns and river as we went by. Our personal favorite thing about our cabin was the fact that our cabin was right next to the 24 hour coffee/tea bar (snacks too!!) We lived in this lounge the entire time we were onboard the ship!

(Cabin #326 ---- the best!! resting before dinner :)

After taking a nice hot shower and putting on some dry cloths lol; we went to the Welcome Reception & Safety Briefing (located in the lounge) and from there we watched the Avalon Tapestry II set sail during dinner while we enjoyed a fantastic meal in the restaurant. There was dancing in the lounge after dinner (with Avalon’s musician Milan) but we were so tired after our adventures from the day that we decided to get some rest. Getting back to the room after dinner we were greeted by soft jazz, a “fire” (on the television) & the windows wide open so we could truly appreciate the view. The bed was like heaven we slept so well that night!

(Ready for dinner)      (the view from our dinner table)

And this was all just day one! Make sure to come back for more and see what crazy adventures we did on Day TWO!

-Mini Mooskie, Elise & Mike - June 21, 2016




Mini Mooskie is back from his amazing Avalon River Cruise adventure with P&H Travel’s Elise Thomas & Michael Sawyer J

As they go through all of the wonderful photos from the trip, they are writing a day by day itinerary for you to enjoy.  Make sure to check in next week for pictures and stories from their “Day One” Adventure!

Here is a sneak peek picture of the Eiffel Tower at night!

(Picture taken by Michael Sawyer)

- Mooskie - June 10, 2016 



"Mini" Mooskie is off again (cousin to the one an only Mooskie)!! This time he is going on an AVALON RIVER CRUISE from PARIS TO NORMANDY'S LANDING BEACHES! 
He will be traveling with one of P&H TRAVEL'S Agents Elise Thomas. Keep your eyes open for pictures and so much more!

We will be Arriving in Paris May 28th, 2016 then making our way to the Beaches of Normandy...stopping in Vernon, Caudebec, Rouen & Conflans

Cain't wait ot share this experience with you all! 
Au revoir!



Are you ready for more amazing details from Tracy's last two day's in Iceland? 

"Day 4 – although we were up and out of our hotel early, this day seemed like almost a waste.  Because of the weather, we didn’t get to go to the western part of the country.  Winds were very high, and the driving would’ve been too dangerous.  We did visit the Efstidalur dairy farm, which is a family run farm, run the 25 year old nephew of the original owner. We had a yummy lunch (burgers) and some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had. We stopped and saw another waterfall…they are all over, and ended up at the National Park.  Again, the weather was terrible, so we didn’t do too much exploring off the bus. After a day on the bus we headed back into Reykjavik and stayed at the Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina.  This hotel was an old paint factory, and had that industrial feel to me.  Rooms were well appointed, but the bathrooms did not have walls, they had glass sliding doors. This was odd to me, especially sharing a room with a stranger.  We had dinner here which was delicious, and again a nice breakfast spread.

Day 5 – On our way back to the airport, we drove to the Alftanes Peninsula and Bessastaoir.  From here you had a great view of the city from across the water.  We went to the President of Iceland’s home. No guards, no fence, just a beautiful house sitting on the ocean.  From here we drove to Lake Kleifarvatn which is set in stark, moon-like surroundings.  They do not allow boats or any type of watercraft on the lake, because they are trying to preserve their lakes etc.  From there we went to Krisuvik which has powerful jets of stream escaping from the earth.  Here you can see small hot springs, mud pots, boiling pools and other types of geothermal activity.  I tried to take a walk through here, but the smell from the sulphurous steam was so bad I almost threw up!! J After that we headed to the airport.  That is the end!!" 

- Mooskie - May 5, 2016 



Mooskie back with Tracy's 3rd day of adventure from Iceland! Are you ready for more? 

"Day 3 was probably my most favorite day.  Today we traveled to Solheimajokull for a glacier walk.  We strapped on our Crampons (glacier talk for spiky shoes) and hiked for about an hour on the glacier.  It was quite a neat experience. From there we went to see the Skogarfoss waterfall which we could walk right up too and take pictures.  Although this waterfall was nowhere near as “grand” as the Gullfoss, I think what was most impressive to me was how close you could get.  From there we headed to the black beach of Reynishverfi; Beautiful rock pillars and glaciers towering over the ocean.  Today was a cold/rainy day, so although we went out onto the black sand beach, we didn’t spend much time out there because it was so cold!! Beautiful though! From there we headed to our hotel, the Icelandair Hotel Vik.  This was my favorite hotel, of all.  It is backed up against a cliff so the view from our room was just that.  Across the street is the beach, (street is a highway so didn’t attempt to cross). The décor is very earth friendly with tree stumps as night stands, yet still very modern. Dinner here was very good, and they had a great spread for breakfast." 

Come back next week to read about her last two day's in Iceland! As well as a few tips Tracy learned on the way! 

- Mooskie - April 30, 2016


Mooskie here! Are you ready for Tracy's Day 2 Iceland adventures? Hold on tight and here we go...

"Day 2: We headed out of the City for a full day of touring the South west of Iceland. Our first stop was to the Fakasel Horse Park, where they breed and raise the Icelandic Horse. Here we learned the important role the horses played in Icelandic History and also enjoyed a “horse Show”.  Probably the most interesting thing I learned was that if an Icelandic Horse leaves Iceland, it can never return.  The breed is much protected and they are afraid of disease and inter-breeding. 


We also watched a film on the Northern Lights, could’ve done without that! After lunch we headed to the Gullfoss – The Golden Waterfall.  Not quite as impressive as Niagara Falls, but still quite beautiful. We spent about ½ here and I took some great pictures.  Apparently Kim Kardashian was there about an hour after we were!!! After that we went to see the Strokkur, which is a world renowned geyser that spouts about 100 feet in the air every 4-8 minutes.  After that we went to The Fontana which is steams baths situated on Lake Laugarvatn.  If anyone is going to go here, I would go before the Blue Lagoon.  Although the scenery is beautiful, it is kind of a letdown after the Blue Lagoon. We passed the volcano Eyjafjallajokull that erupted in 2010 and caused all the flight issues. When I say we passed it, I mean it was about 400 yards off the road we were traveling on!!! Tonight we stayed at the Icelandair Hotel in Fluoir.  I was not very impressed with this hotel.  It had more of a motel feel, than a hotel. It was very clean, but the rooms were sparsely decorated and the door to the patio was through the bathroom.  Sort of weird.  Dinner was ok, we had chicken that tasted like frozen chicken.  The nice thing about this resort is that there really isn’t much else around it, so it’s perfect to see the Northern Lights if they are out.  They have 2 outdoor hot tubs which we sat in for a few hours hoping to see the lights but it was a cold rainy night and there were none.  Breakfast was breakfast, again nothing great."

Check in tomorrow for day 3! The adventure never stops!

- Mooskie - April 28, 2016 



One of our fabulous travel agents Tracy Dole has just returned from her first trip to Iceland! Wait till you read about her adventures. Over the next week we will be sharing her experience with you. We start with the airline, arrival process & first day adventures.

Hold on tight…


"Iceland Air – great airline, very comfortable seats, a little more legroom than “regular coach” seats.  They do not serve any meals or snacks although they do have them to purchase.  They serve coffee, tea, water soda for free.  They do have movies to watch, but you have to have your own headphones, or they charge you $5.00 for them.

Customs/immigrations in Iceland is a breeze!!! There is one check point, before you collect your luggage, and you only have to stop a second time if you’re declaring anything. Airport is about 45 minutes from Reykjavik. There is a duty free shop right across from the baggage carousel and after the fact; I was told you should buy beer/wine there prior to exciting the airport because it is so much cheaper than buying by the glass.  Buying by the glass is rather expensive, but didn’t know this beforehand. Wish I had!! 


Our first stop after leaving the airport was to a local museum displaying the Viking Ship Icelander.  Very small museum but with some really interesting Icelandic artifacts. We had breakfast here then continued on to the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a pleasantly warm mineral-rich geothermal pool in the middle of a black lava field. As part of our admission we were given a towel (depending on your “ticket” you may or may not get a towel so clients may need to bring one) admission into the lagoon and one free drink J You have to shower prior to entering the lagoon and prior to putting on your suit. You have use of a locker to store your belongings. There are modern changing rooms, showers, an indoor geothermal pool, restaurants, a gift shop and other services. The water in the lagoon never got over my head, but in some spots I was up to my neck. We spent about 2 hours here, and after leaving felt quite rejuvenated. After the Blue Lagoon we headed into the city of Reykjavik for a city tour.  We stopped at the National Museum which had some really neat Icelandic artifacts in at…there was even an old Icelandic house!! You know how I feel about museums but this one was pretty interesting.  We only stayed here for about ½ hour which was perfect.  After that we stopped at The Pearl which is a dome–shaped, glass building which is supported by six massive hot-water tanks - each with a capacity of 4 million liters. The hot water is used throughout Iceland in homes and business. The Dome houses the Saga Museum which we did not go into. The dome also houses a quality revolving restaurant, a small café, with an observation platform offering panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. Below the dome, between the hot-water tanks, an impressive water feature erupts from the basement into the spacious atrium where various exhibitions and other events are held. From the Pearl we continued on to the Hallgrimskirka Church which is the tallest building in the city.  We could not go in, because there was a funeral at the time.  From there we finally headed to our hotel for the night, which was the Hilton Reykjavik Nordica.  Hotel was very nice, and the view from my room was of the ocean and the mountains.  Comfy beds, nice amenities in the room.  The only down side to this hotel is that it’s about a 20 minute walk into town.  Not too bad on a nice day, but on a cold/windy day…no thanks! We had dinner there that night and breakfast the following morning.  Good breakfast, not a ton of options but enough."

Want more? Check out our blog on Tuesday April 26th for Tracy’s Day 2 of adventures!

- Mooskie - April 22, 2016




Mooskie here!

Summer is just around the corner and if you are looking for a vacation to remember you have come to the right place. One of my favorite destinations is San Francisco for all its family-friendly options!  You can take the kids to see Alcatraz, Golden Gate Park and the Exploratorium and that’s just the beginning, the surrounding area has plenty of other activities the whole family can enjoy. Ferry trips and bike rides would be the perfect way to get around and truly experience San Francisco.

Let us help you plan the perfect vacation! Call P&H Travel today and talk with an agent about your next adventure. (508)588-5100

- Mooskie - April 15, 2016



GLOBUS offers a 9 day escorted tour from London to Paris.

European Sampler

As the name implies, this vacation is a sample of some of the major highlights of Europe. Start with two nights in London, where sightseeing with a Local Guide includes a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral and time to watch the Changing of the Guard (if held). Next, board the Eurostar train to Brussels, followed by a comfortable drive to Amsterdam, where sightseeing by way of a leisurely canal cruise awaits you. In Germany, cruise the romantic Rhine River, take pictures of Heidelberg Castle, and enjoy dinner with beer at Kulturbräuerei Heidelberg restaurant. Stop in the Black Forest for a woodcarving demonstration by a local woodcarver, followed by lunch with Bratwurst and Sauerkraut. In Switzerland, visit the Rhine Falls and spend two nights in charming lakeside Lucerne. Admire the Lion Monument, taste Swiss chocolate pralines, and enjoy the Alpine scenery before driving through the Burgundy wine area to Paris. Here, sightseeing with a Local Guide includes all the Parisian highlights and a ride up to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.


PLUS: Four Ways Globus Eliminates the Hassles

VIP Access
Skip the lines and get special treatment at the must-see attractions.

Perfect Hotels
We’ve done the work to find just the right hotels in just the right locations.

Tour Directors
Take your heads out of the guidebook and let expert guides make every destination fascinating.

Leave the navigating to us – and just sit back and enjoy the ride.


- MOOSKIE - September 4, 2015




Mooskie recently had a taste of the "Suite" life on a recent Cruise!  Sailing from Houston on the Norwegian Star to  Cozumel, Belize and Honduras!

His "suite" experience was awesome!  It  was amazing!




The value he received was outstanding...sure it costs a little more than a "regular" cabin but with all the value added extras and low price from P&H Travel, it was a deal!


Upon arrival at the terminal in Houston, Mooskie received PRIVATE check in a special area.  Check in was immediate and he could have lounged around with refreshments or be escorted directly to the ship!  Mooskie chose to be escorted.  He arrived on board, personally walked on by one of the friendly Norwegian crew members and as he was famished from the flight, Mooskie was taken to the suite private dining area!


So, for each breakfast and lunch, the suite guests can dine privately or of course in the main restaurants.  Upon arrival in "Moderno" restaurant we met the concierge who immediately helped us make/change our dinner reservations.  Part of our  deal was the inclusion of the "Ultimate Beverage package" and "Ultimate Dining package" --so we had  the opportunity to eat in the a la carte restaurants each night for free! (well included in our deal)

We ate at the Steak restaurant (twice), French, Brazilian, Italian, Teppanaki, and Asian! 


After lunch we entered our suite and met our Butler and room service.  The room was well appointed and included a fancy  coffee machine!


Additional perks included:

Private area for the main show room reserved for us.

Priority tendering

Priority embarkation and debarkation.

When we departed the ship, our concierge walked us out privately!  No lines!


Mooskie would highly recommend looking into this cool "sweet" option.   Be sure to ask the friendly agents at P&H if a suite is right for you!


Rumour has it that Mooskie will be sailing in  next year!  (it is like a ship within a ship)!HAVEN SUITE


- Mooskie - June 26, 201



Travel Tip of the Week!


Attention families, teachers, and holiday travelers…. Prices are out for next year’s school vacations weeks & this year’s Holiday Breaks.  Book now and save!




- Mooskie -June 5, 2015



Travel Tip of the Week!

Instead of a travel tip this week we would like to use this time to salute the men & women who served to protect our country. With the deepest gratitude to those who paid the ultimate price.



- Mooskie - May 22, 2015



Travel Tip of the Week!





- Mooskie - May 12, 2015



Travel Tip of the Week!


Image result for chic punta cana


CHIC by Royalton Luxury Resorts offers its newest Adults Only All Exclusive experience where day merges into night and guests can enjoy luxurious indulgences 24/7. On the white sands of Punta Cana’s coveted Uvero Alto beach, CHIC serves up premium cocktails, masterfully crafted food, superior entertainment, and an elegant yet relaxed ambiance. This all inclusive adult’s only resort is perfect for couples, singles, and celebrations like anniversaries, honeymoons, and bachelor/bachelorette groups.


Image result for chic punta cana



This adults-only resort boasts 323 luxurious Junior Suites, Master Suites and Presidential Suites with breathtaking views of the ocean or tropical gardens. Amenities include • King or two double beds • 250 thread count sheets • 24 hour concierge service • USB recharge and Bluetooth audio stations • complimentary WiFi service • in room safe • rain showers • Flat screen TV with satellite • Liquor dispenser • Mood lighting • stocked mini-bar • 24 hour room service • iron and board • coffee/tea maker • hairdryer. 


Image result for chic punta cana

Guests may choose from five a la carte restaurants, a buffet restaurant, a café, and a grill as well as 24-hour room service. Our extensive selection of international themed restaurants include a Sushi and Ceviche restaurant, Italian restaurant, Buffet restaurant, Moroccan restaurant, steak house restaurant, a chef experience’s restaurant as well as a grill.


The Royal Spa is a luxurious full service health facility with a hydrotherapy circuit and full range of massage, body and facial treatments located at CHIC by Royalton Punta Cana. The beauty center at The Royal Spa offers luxurious manicures, pedicures, and waxing, make-up, and hairstyling services…the ideal place to relax and rejuvenate while on vacation, guests can spend a few hours getting pampered with comprehensive spa packages or just drop in for a 30 minute express treatment. Naturally derived ingredients are selected based on skin type to quickly refresh, balance, and hydrate the complexion.


- Mooskie - May 1, 2015



Travel Tip of the Week!


Image result for hawaii

The stirring beauty of the Hawaiian Islands brings to the Surface feeling that you can only imagine from a distance. The passion and expression of luau dancing, the hypnotic chanting that seems to rise out of the bonfire. The friendly smiles of the Hawaiian people as they share stories about their homeland, the “Ali’I,” or royalty, which once lived in the lands created by demigods, and the “ohana” – family-that lives there today.

Image result for hawaii  

Views are simply beyond imagination on the romantic island of Maui and the jungles of Kauai. Surfing, skiing, and hiking to the top of an active volcano with a cup of the world’s finest coffee are all in a day’s work on the exotic Big Island. On Oahu, Honolulu is filled with endless activities, with amazing history, non-stop energy, culinary extravagance and more, just minutes from spectacular beaches.

Image result for hawaii  Image result for hawaii        Image result for hawaii

Learn to ride the waves in Waikiki where surfing was born. Coast from summit to sea level down Haleakala Volcano on a bike ride at sunset. Hike to the top of Diamond Head, zip line high atop rainforest canopies, or take in the dramatic views on an amazing helicopter tour. Venture out beyond your hotel, and encounter a world of adventure just waiting to be explored.

- Mooskie - April 17, 2015

Travel Tip of the Week!



New Experiences & Cherished Favorites

 It’s never too early to book a Viking River Cruise!


As the most all-inclusive river cruise line, Viking provides great value. When you travel with Viking, they make sure that there are no surprises or hidden fees. The price you pay covers just about everything – port charges, Wi-Fi, meals, lectures, activities and shore excursions – as well as hotel accommodations on their cruisetour itineraries. So, all you have to do is relax and enjoy a great journey to any of Viking incredible river cruises.


If you’ve never cruised the Rhine, Main and Danube with Viking, make this your year to sail one of the cherished favorite itineraries: 15-day Budapest-to-Amsterdam Grand European Tour; 8-day Basel to Amsterdam Rhine Getaway; 8-day Nuremberg-to-Budapest Romantic Danube; or the 8-day Budapest-to-Passau Danube Waltz.




Call P&H Travel Today for more details on any VIKING RIVER CRUISE sailings. Adventure is waiting


- Mooskie - April 10, 2015



Travel Tip of the Week!


Step up to an arena of awesome at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana and experience an all inclusive stay like no other. Enjoy legendary amenities with a metric rock-ton of extras like 24-hour room service, complimentrary Wi-Fi, top shelf drinks, and endless daily activities with all taxes, gratuity, and AWESOME included.


Yeah, this impressive king-pin is decked out with authentic memorabilia from across the globe and hosts a thrilling live entertainment theater, Rock Star Mini Golf, and even world-class shopping. That's opulence with an edge.


With 13 amazing pools, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana goes all out, then does it all again to take you straight to the edge of opulence. The perfect way to chill, there's no shortage of awesome thanks to amazing waterslides, a lazy river, swim-up bars, breathtaking beaches, and family-friendly and adult-only pools - all with full food and drink service, live events and all the luxury you can handle.


So what are you waiting for? Book your next family vacation to the amazing HARD ROCK HOTEL & CASINO PUNTA CANA today!


- Mooskie - March 13, 2015


Travel Tip of the Week!




A green lagoon set behind a black sand beach. No, you're not dreaming, you can actually visit this unique place. It is Lago Verde in the Canary Islands Who wants to go?

Image result for Green lagoon in spain

The Green Lagoon is situated close to the fishing village of El Golfo, on the south-western coast of the island. The water in this spectacular semi crater is denser and saltier than that of the Dead Sea. Lago Verde is a former volcanic crater infiltrated by sea water and its green color is caused by the alga that has taken over the lake. The contrast between the green of the lagoon, the ochre of the volcanic rock and the black of the beach is as striking as it is spectacular. It is possible to walk right up to the edge and fully take in this token of Mother Nature’s beauty! The lake, however, is a protected natural area, meaning it is strictly forbidden to swim in it or even touch it.



- Mooskie - February 13, 2015


Travel Tip of the Week!


Adventure Travelers I have the Destination for you...


Anyone who loves the outdoors will savor Costa Rica's wealth of national parks and wildlife reserves. Travelers can be as active as they choose, experiencing a bird's eye view on a walk through treetop canopies, or skipping across the waves of the ocean outrigger. There are oportunities for mountain biking, rafting, horseback riding, hiking, bird watching, world-class sports fishing, zip lining canopy tours and rappelling in waterfalls.



Reserve by UNESCO. Costa Rica is just the place to scale an active volcano or reenergize with a luxurious spa treatment. One of the world's best organized countries for nature-based travel, Costa Rica also features a range of delightful inns, hotels, and lodgesin exceptional settings, including beach resorts along the Pacific Cost.


Ask about Costa Rica today!


- Mooskie - February 7, 2015



For more information call 508-588-5100


- Mooskie - January 25, 2015




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Trek into the rainforest to discover Mayan ruins, canoe through ancient caves systems, explore barrier reefs, swim with the largest fish in the world… BELIZE is ripe with opportunities for adventure.



It’s time to discover Belize. Long know as a premier destination among scuba divers around the world, this small Central American nation had grown into its own. It is bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the south and west, the Caribbean Sea to the east. Culturally Belize is both Caribbean & Central American. It is graced with culture, tropical jungles, spectacular scuba diving and friendly people.



The combination of natural and man-made assets, including 127 offshore islands, excellent fishing, rivers for rafting, jungle, traditional villages and wildlife reserves, all add up to an irresistible destination.

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- Mooskie - January 9, 2015



Travel Tip of the Week!

Need a Holiday gift idea?

We can help with that... you can give the gift of travel this holiday season!

Need a Holiday gift idea? We can help you with that... you can give the gift of travel this holiday season!

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